the Need

Why Coolwheel 

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisement and ID signage is very important and is one of the major segments of most noticed forms of outdoor promotions. 

In addition, large bicycle fleets are difficult to monitor, maintain and provide a unified image on the local market. Bicycle is missing the space to have an easily viewable ID, as well as an ad space for either the business brand or a separate ad. 

Get in touch to learn more on the benefits of OOH ad and ID signage on a bicycle fleet.

For Businesses

Give ID to your fleet

Create a unified bicycle fleet, making an impact in your local community. Benefit on strengthening your business and create new opportunities.

Use Out-of-Home for branding

Leverage on OOH advertisement method and receive multiple benefits on branding, marketing and promotion of your business.

Track and Monitor

Monitor and track your bicycle fleet, getting advanced security and provide to your customers added value services.

For Cyclists

Earn perks while cycling

Choose a sponsored campaign and receive perks depending on the geo places and the distance that you are cycling.

Keep track of your rides

Monitor your cycling performance and the perk indicators while tracking your ride and how much you need to achieve targets and collect perks.

Be a community member

Get in touch with other cyclists, organize team rides and get faster achievements and perks provided from sponsors.

How it works

Select and order

Select what type(s) of wheel cover you want for your bicycle fleet and order. 


Easily install the cover to the back wheel of your bicycle fleet. 

Use and monitor

Activate and match each cover with the bicycle rider mobile app and start monitoring the activity.

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