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How to order

Order your wheel cover

Order the wheel covers according to the bicycle size, the number of covers, the wheel you want to apply (rear/front) and the graphic that should be included on it.

Easy installation and removal

Install instantly the cover whenever received, by just adjusting the buttons and the locks as the guide shows in detail. The cover applies in both wheels.

Monitor in real-time

Get access to our management platform and monitor and track in real-time your bicycle fleet. Protect your bicycles while you are receiving usage and advertisement/usage data. 
Order Form
Please include the following on your order specification:
  • Number of wheel covers
  • Wheel/rim size (please refer on the wheel profile according to ISO ERTRO (ie. 37-622, 52-584 etc.)
  • Link on the graphic/logo needed to be on the wheel
In case you need any further information please contact us @ info@coolwheel.gr to get in touch with you.